• Acrylic Tip Cutter 4.5”

Acrylic Tip Cutter 4.5”

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SE 2119

Acrylic Tip Cutter

Our acrylic tip cutters are prepared with highest quality of Stainless Steel as per ASTM standard and hand finished to add perfection. Our Instruments are guaranteed to be superior in quality and free from manufacturing defects.

How to USE:-

Our acrylic Tip Cutter has extra sharp straight blades to cut nails evenly and precisely. It has a large handle for easy grip that helps to handle clipping acrylic nails. Hold the clipper straight and cut acrylic nails at a reasonable size. Hold fingers together to get nail cut to the same size. Finally use 6E filer to file the nail up to the required size.


Care & Caution:-

Always dip in warm water with alcohol before and after use.

Don’t drop the instrument as it could damage its alignment

Keep out of reach of children.

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