Customer Care Policy

At Global Beauti we acknowledge that every one share the responsibility to fulfil our commitment towards customers. We thoroughly believe that a dis-satisfied customer is the worst advertisement and we are increasing our customer base by giving them priority and listening to them. We are proud of our repeated customers as we retained them through effective self-evaluation and benchmarking.

Robust System:

We have good and long lasting relationships with our suppliers that will enable us to maintain a healthy stock at our premises and eventually help us delivering our goods in time to our clients. We have established our offices around the world to provide local service to our customers. Regardless of operating in various time zones we reply to all of our queries within 24 hours. In our production line all of our processes are robust so jobs are done with professional accuracy and we cut out bottlenecks that could cause delays.


We set delivery time and date with our customers in advance. We have a policy to deliver our goods same day if they are in our stock. For the goods that are not available in stock, customers are informed before the order is processed so that they would be aware of time it could take. Whenever our customers want to try new products we offer them realistic and minimum possible order that will give them a choice to test market on minimum cost.

Listening to our customers:

We listen to our customers and always happy for them to visit us and check our processes. Whenever we update our catalogues we always try to update our website accordingly so that our customers are updated with all the changes.

Complaint handling:

We listen to our complaints very seriously and have a dedicated member of staff to handle all the complaints. We believe that genuine complaints can improve business activity as it gives you a chance to improve. In products or services, we won’t close a project unless our customer is fully satisfied from us. We send a customer satisfaction questionnaire to most of our customers and so far we have achieved highest level of satisfaction from our regular customers.

Setting standards:

We have set really high standards for ourselves. We benchmark ourselves with the most reputed brands in the industry. Our quality certificates enhance our confidence to give best possible service to our customers.

We also keep a track of whether we meet our standards or not by phoning our customers certain times of the year. For any problems we perform a root cause analysis to find out if there are other ways of doing same thing, this will help to improve our service and satisfied customers