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Global Beauti is a division of British  group of companies, Global Linkx.Global Beauti offers beauty  implements and specialises in  manicure, pedicure, travel kits, gift sets, liquid makeup and cosmetic tools in personal and professional range.


  • Trendy Tweezers
  • Nail and Cuticle Scissors
  • Pedicure files &
  • chiropody pliers
  • Toenail cutters & clippers
  • Nail files, Emery Boards &
  • Foot scrapers
  • Make up Brush sets
  • Gift sets and travel kits 


  • Pharmacies
  • Retailers
  • Barbers, Salons & Spas
  • Beauty institutes
  • Beauty wholesalers and
  • Beauty Distributors
  • Fashion stores
  • Convenience stores
  • Beauty manufacture


Supplying to:

  • British chain of pharmacies
  • British beauty wholesalers and
  • Distributors and Wholesalers
  • Online stores
  • Private label manufacturing  for some blue chip corporations in UK.


Without compromising on quality Global Beauti offer value for money
and compete with the world leading brands. Following world class
standards and stringent processes to comply with international quality
standards such as ISO, CE, Global Beauti products are of high class
caliber and are delivered with standard company warranty.
Global Beauti workforce is committed, quality driven and well trained.
Backed up by a wealth of expertise and experience of the dedicated staff,
the precision and high quality of Global Beauti products are reflected in
each unit produced.


Global Beauti views customers with a lifetime commitment by firmly believing in 3R policy: Relationship, Reward, Retention. The company build Relationship with the customers that Reward it with repeat order as satisfied client and thus Retention is guaranteed with more references and orders.
Global Beauti products and services are designed as required by the customers. Global Beauti assures quality, timely delivery and manufacturing of the new products with client’s specifications.
A dedicated complaints and complement system is in place to register client’s queries and comments to continuously identify areas for improvements


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 6E is one of the renowned British brand, providing good value for money to its customers. 6E caters the needs of its customers by providing a wide range of trendy products under
one umbrella. All these products are developed keeping in mind the vibrance, trend and hype in the market. 6E priorities its customers by giving them a wide choice and competitve pricing.
6E is available online by visiting Global Beauti online shop, various major pharmacy groups, High street retailers, Amazon, and many other wholesalers and retailers across Europe. Tailor made
displays are also provided along with standard floor and counter displays. 6E stock is maintained in UK and all goods aredelivered next working day. World wide delivery is also entertained from Head office in the UK. To find out more please visit our website


Image 11Country girl is a UK based brand owned by Global Beauti. Country Girl offers premium quality beauty products to quality conscious customers. Country Girl is fashionable, competitive and stands out from contemporary brands because of quality, presentation and professionalism. Country girl is offering a wide range of beauty care products and implements made from highest quality of material, safe packaging, stylish and above all a life time guarantee.

It is an evolutionary concept for beauty implements, where products are developed keeping end users in mind. County girl believes that the quality of a product is a key to customer loyalty. Therefore each product is fully compliant to international quality standards. Country girl offers a range of products used for pedicure, manicure, eyes and face for all basic beauty and grooming needs. The products in this range are carefully selected with the help of beauticians and experts keeping in mind the precision expected by customers. All products are themed and inspired by English country side floral patterns and European art with pastel effect and colours giving the feeling of beauty and serenity. Country Girl range is available from our online shop, amazon, ebay, salon and spa groups, and various online retailers. For trade and OEM queries please contact us via email or visit our website


Image 12Éternelle is developed with a passion and aspiration to meet world class quality. The products under this brand are developed from the hand-picked expertise across the world. All products are made of professional quality and highest precision and presented with classy look. Éternelle entertains the Beauty lovers and quality savvy generation. It aspires to be the preferred treasure for Beauty industry gurus and experts, iconic presence in world class spas and salons and landmark for floors of world renowned beauty stores.

It is launched in Professional Beauty 2012 and was one of the hottest item for the show. Many professionals including some celebrity makeup artists loved the products. Éternelle is evolved from the heritage of beauty and reinvigorate the ideology of beauty from what we see to what we sense. It is an experience, and aura of feeling. To find out more please visit our website


Global Beauti is already serving some leading brands in the global market such as Germany,

Global Beauti is already serving some leading brands in the global market such as Germany,
USA and Eastern Europe. The exclusive networks of Global Beauti in many parts of the world enable it to provide competitively priced quality products.

Backed up by collective wisdom, acumen and experience across the globe, the company can offer you very cost-effective solutions with latest trends and designs. Customers can save on their existing product range by ordering them to Global Beauti. With established and consolidated partnerships across the globe, Global Beauti can also provide complete and Turn-Key business solutions by taking care of your brand from conception to the delivery.

Global Beauti offers peace of mind with maximum efficiency. The acquired and available deep knowledge and exposure of Global beauti market enables the company to provide high quality services for designing, to marketing and distribution to the final customer.

To find out more please visit the following

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