The Lazy Woman’s Guide To Great Skin.

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We all are lazy and getting lazier each day. Do you like to spend the whole day in bed ? watching your favorite movie on the couch, with a tub of pop-corn. If you can relate to all of this, you’re Lazy- but its fun right ? . And are you keeping a track of your skin care routine, do u get freaked with the idea of using so many products- then this guide is created just for you.
Most of us don't have time for a cleanser-toner-serum-treatment-moisturizer-mask routine everyday. In Fact we think how are grandmothers got away with just a bar of soap and a cold cream, for those who are lazy enough to follow a tedious skin care routine. Read on the simplified approach to great skin.

1- Wash Your Face Everyday

This might sound as a very simple step to you, but flawless skin begins with you gently washing your face twice or thrice a day. Specially oily skin type would benefit a lot from it. A “good mild cleanser” would make much difference to your skin. 

2- Moisturize Your Skin :


It is important for you to moisturize your skin, a basic moisturizer will make your skin feel tight. If you’re not so diligent about the moisturizer, you can use a creamy face wash ( it is not as good as a moisturizer, but if you want- you can switch to it). Choose the right moisturizer, so that it keep your skin moist throughout the day.

3- Sunscreen :


Applying a sunscreen is mandatory, no exceptions. It takes care of your skin from darkening and pigmentation. Depending on your skin type, choose a sunscreen with SPF 25-30 with oil free moisturizing formulation. Wear the sunscreen on your face, neck and areas that are exposed to the sun.

4- Facial Tissues


This is for the laziest, keeping your facial wipes handy with you either on your bedside or in your handbag is the next best option. This will help you to take off your day’s makeup and also the dust on your face. It cleanses gently and keeps the skin perfectly clean. 

5- Skin Care Product


Choose one skincare product which has multiple skin benefits. For those, who use an anti ageing cream- olay helps in removing the fine lines, dark spots and also repairs the UV damage caused to your skin. There are various products in the market, choose a product that improves your skin texture and firmness.

6- Under Eye Cream


For those, with puffy eyes and under eye dark circles. You can use a separate cream on the targeted area. Also if your moisturizer doesn’t cause any kind of irritation- you’re good to go!

Things you can skip:

Toner: Unless you have very oily skin, you can avoid a toner. Most people don’t use a toner so you can go without it too.

Specific cream for the eyes : If your eyes are not very sensitive, you can avoid the under eye cream and use a basic moisturizer instead of a specific under eye cream.

Primer : It works like a moisturizer to give your skin more matte appearance. Gives you a less oily look, but if you’re already using a multitasking skin product, you won’t necessarily require it.

You will soon get used to these quick and easy approaches to skin care, and can also add a few extras like a face mask. These simple steps will make a huge difference to your skin and you won’t be bothered at all.


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