How to do homely Manicures

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Hello Girlies!! Do you feel that your hands and nails are not well kept, they are becoming dry and itchy? Well, obviously because you are not much bothered about them. Due to your busy schedule and long working hours you have neglected your hands. Remember, your hands speak a lot about your personality, and in order to create an impression- a manicure once in a while is a great idea.

Taking an appointment in a salon is a bit of a task and that might also turn out to be an expensive deal. So here are a few simple ways to manicure your hands without any support and hassle. Believe me, doing a manicure at home will help you to get away from that unwanted stress and you are going to feel good about yourself too ( Tried and Tested ) plus who doesn’t like a little self pampering specially on Sunday afternoon, when you don’t have a routine to follow. A manicure at home will require a manicure kit; even if you don’t have one- you can collect the necessary items and make your own kit.

Things you need:

• A lukewarm (not hot) bowl of water, where you soak your hands and get away from your everyday jobs for a while.

• Some cotton balls

• A towel to wipe off the dead skin

Nail cutter and filer

Buffer ( you can get it from the nearest store, it will look like a foam block with different texture on the sides to create cute and  shiny nails)

Cuticle remover ( it softens and helps remove the untidy cuticle)

• Nail paint remover

• Your favorite nail color ( let’s keep it flashy)

• A moisturizer or a hand cream ( most important )

Let’s get started: 


To get better results at home, you need to do a bit of a preparation. Sit in a room that has ample of light with all the things you require. Before you start with the manicure, you need to take off the existing nail paint with a nail polish remover, gently! Don’t be harsh on your nails. It is suggested to use a good quality remover, so that it doesn’t harm your nails. It might take a few minutes to remove the paint, if there are too many coats- be patient and make sure that you are not touching the solution on the sensitive skin around the nails.

File your nails:

Beauty of nails

The next step is to trim and file your nails to a smooth shape of your choice depending on your comfort. Start filing your nails in one direction – a fine oval shape is always pleasing to the eye. Once you are done with the cutting and filing of your nails, it’s time for you to use the buffer to give your nails a shiny look. Too much buffing might weaken your nails and lead to breakage- Be careful when you buff!

Soak it up!

Elegance woman hands on spa treatment.

For me, that’s the best part of a manicure when you dip your hands in soapy lukewarm bowl of water for about 5-10 minutes. Trust me, it is very relaxing and  also you can simultaneously catch up on your favorite TV show or listen to your kind of music. You can mix your preferred liquid soap or add some honey to it (3-4 tablespoons) it will give those dry hands a soft and silky feel. Once you are done with the hand soak, the cuticles will soften and the dirt below the finger nails will loosen up. Now wash your hands in fresh water and wipe it with a clean and soft towel or tissue paper.

Time to take care of the cuticles:


Apply cuticle oil or a moisturizing lotion on your hands carefully. You can also use olive oil instead of cuticle oil.It is basically to nourish and soften the rough areas. With a cuticle remover push the cuticles one by one. Don’t cut them,as this will lead to infection and damage to your nails, putting too much pressure might also cause bleeding specially for the ones who are not use to it.

 Hand scrub:


It is an essential part of your manicure because this improves the blood circulation and also helps you to get rid of the unwanted tan you have. You can use a body scrub or prepare a homemade scrub by putting together olive oil, unprocessed sugar and salt. Scrub your hands for only 2-3 minutes. Wash your hands with fresh water and dry them with a towel or a tissue paper.

 Apply hand cream:


You can apply a hand cream or your favorite moisturizer on the hands and cuticles properly. Enjoy the relaxation by gently massaging your hands for a few minutes. Wipe off the extra cream on your hands with a soft piece of cloth; take extra care of the cuticles because they need to be moisturized.

 Cover it with nail paint.


 It’s time for you to apply the color of your choice, always apply a base coat before you go ahead with the nail paint, let it dry and then apply the first coat of your favorite shade. Apply two coats for extra shine and complete it with a  top coat. Let your nail paint dry completely before you start doing some other work.


  •   Never immerse your hands in hot water, it causes dryness.
  •   Use a cotton ball to remove the nail paint.
  •  Avoid keeping chipped nails, as it looks ugly.
  •  Let your nails breathe, keep them without a nail paint at a time.
  •  Always use a hand cream or a moisturizer to maintain the softness of your hands.


 Hope you try out these tips and enjoy your homely manicures!!

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