8 Steps To Take Care Your Skin In Winter

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Winter season not only bring rosy cheeks but also dryness to the skin, hands, face and feet. For some of us, it becomes even more problematic like cracking and flaking of the skin. Here are 10 tips that will help you to take care of your winter skin care regime. These tips will be helpful for your skin to stay moist and health throughout winters.

1- Use a moisturizer Daily

Skin care woman putting face cream

As weather conditions change, you need to look for change in your moisturizer too. Your summer moisturizer won't be much help. 

•    Make sure, you find a moisturizer that is not water based.
•    In winters you require an oil based moisturizer so that the oil safeguards the skin from the dryness and forms a layer on the skin that absorbs more moisture.
•    Moisturizers that are classified as “night creams” are generally oil based, so it will easy for you to choose a lotion.

2- Take Special Help

Take some special help about your skin from a dermatologist or an esthetician. Since there are tons of skin care products available in the market, and you’ll be confused as to which product is best for skin type. 

•    Visiting a dermatologist will be good contribution,
•    The specialist ( dermatologist) will analyse the skin type you have, the problematic areas and will give you the best advice on the products you should be using
•    Don’t buy expensive products, even the inexpensive products work well as the high end one’s

3- Always Put On The Sunscreen


Putting on your sunscreen is required even in winters, sunscreens are not only for summertime.

•    The sun in winters and the dry cold air can damage your skin.
•    Apply a sunscreen with SPF 25-30.
•    Before going outside, apply the sunscreen on your face and to the areas exposed to sun.
•    If you’re staying out for a long time, reapply the lotion as it will protect your skin.

4- Use warm water, instead of hot water

Try and use lukewarm water than hot water. Hot water sounds relaxing in winters but it should be avoided

•    Hot water takes the moisture away from the body and makes it really dry.
•    Lukewarm water will not make your skin dry and keep it moist.
•    Use moisture rich soaps in winter

5- Take care of your hands

Take Care of your hands

The skin on your hands in thinner than other parts of the body, thus it is very difficult to keep the hands moist and soft.

•      Use a moisturizer, whenever you leave from home.
•      Don’t forget to keep your hands warm, wear woolen gloves.
•      Massage your hands with a moisturizer, before you go to sleep.

6- Drink Lots of water

How to Drink Water

One should take care of the entire health and not just the skin. Not just in summers, drinking water in winters also in very important

•    Drinking lots of water in winters will help your skin to look younger
•    If your skin is dehydrated, it will provide the required fluids to your skin and are also beneficial for the body.

7- Take Care of your lips

Your lips are very important, because of the beautiful smile of yours. Not only your face, but your lips also require some extra care.

•    Lips get moist and chapped very soon, apply a good lip balm to keep them hydrated and soft
•    It is suggested that you use a lip balm that has petroleum jelly in it. 
•    You can also, make a lip scrub at home by adding vaseline and sugar to remove the dead and chapped skin on your lips

8- Eating a Balanced diet

Your diet plays a major role here “we are , what we eat” a famous quote says it all. Eating a balanced diet and staying hydrated is most important in winters.

•    Make sure that you’re having a nutritional diet, which keep you warm from the inside and makes your skin glow. 
•    Avoid cold foods, like sodas and junk too.
•    You can also have multivitamins – but they are not as good as a balanced diet.
•    Eat a lot of fish, they have omega 3 fatty acids in them which is great for skin.

These are the simple steps by which you can take care of your winter skin. You should keep this in mind that taking care of your skin is a regular process and not just restricted for winters. Follow these steps and have a glowing skin in winters.

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