7 Small Tips To Lose Weight

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We all are worried about our weight, and can’t stop cribbing about it constantly. Wouldn’t that be great if you you were able to lose those extra pounds by simply adding some small tips and exercises in your daily routine? There are so many changes that you can make your lifestyle and get lose weight and transform your body. Following a crash diet, heavy workouts are very taxing but by adding a few do’s and don’ts you can reshape your body.

Here are some tips for healthy eating and overall lifestyle makeover to help you lose and maintain that weight.

1- Take the stairs


You guys must have heard this a lot of times, but the question is are you really following it ? Refuse to take the elevator, I can guarantee you some weight loss and this will also strengthen your legs. Even if you are on a vacation and your room is on the 5-6th floor, try taking the stairs. Make it a habit and you yourself will see the change.


2- Walk an extra mile to work


All of you take your cars or bikes to work, now here is the trick! park your vehicle far away from work. This will boost your weight loss, as you are adding an extra exercise to your daily routine. Not only work but you can also do this wherever your destination is, try parking the car away from your destination and walk an extra mile. By adding these small walks to your routine, you can lose up to 10 pounds in a year.  


3- Eat smaller portions.


Starving yourself to death won’t help much, in the beginning it will help you lose weight but that will be either your water weight or muscle weight. Make a routine to eat in smaller portions, you will be satisfied without consuming large portions. Even if you like having a slice of pizza, cut it into two parts and then have it, rather than having the complete slice at once.


4- Drink 8-10 Glasses of water

Girl Drinking Water

It is very important for you to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day. Not only for weight loss, this is also very important for a healthy lifestyle. Instead of high calorie drink, reach out to a glass water and twist it with a lemon. It will make a lot of difference to your waistline.


5- Substitute your food


Everyone has cravings, but there is a way to fulfill the craving and also reduce the calorie intake. If you want to have something sweet – eat something sweet and fulfil your crave, but instead of a doughnut or a pastry have a fruit- if you’re feeling to have something crunchy, you can have popcorns rather than a packet of chips. Start substituting your foods- Be smart!


6- Concentrate on your food


Like substituting your food is helpful, similarly concentrating on what you eat and how you eat is also important. If you multitask, like eating while driving or watching T.V – this leaves you hungry. So don’t multitask while you eat. Whenever you eat, keep you phone and work files away.


7- Brush your teeth


Yes! This does wonders, brush your teeth after every meal as it works as a reminder for you to stop eating. It restricts you from random snacking and leaves your mouth clean and minty. Make it a point that you brush your teeth after your meal to avoid the unwanted food stuffs.

Make these tips a part of your daily regime and you yourself will notice the change. These small changes will transform your life and it will great to lose weight without the long hours of work out.


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